The Noble Spirit Trailer


Hot off the presses, here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary about Fred. Stay tuned for information about the premier, coming soon to Portland.Tool Online Fast furious legacy Coins

theNobleSpirit documentary trailer from Holmes & Johnson productions on Vimeo.


  1. The world seems a bit less bright, a bit more ordinary and so extremely melancholy without Fred in it.

    I first met Fred on my first heli-skiing trip in British Columbia. He had already been in a Warren Miller film (or two) so naturally I didn’t hesitate to follow him wherever he skied. The guide eventually took me and the rest of my compadres (known as Team Comb) aside to explain that we were meant to follow the guide (who was wearing an easily identifiable yellow ski suit) and NOT to follow Fred. Fred jumped off cliffs, found the best powder (which was always over his head) and skied amazing lines with that infectious Fred Noble laugh echoing throughout the Canadian mountains. It was sheer unadulterated joy to ski with Fred. “Follow the guy in the yellow suit, NOT Fred” became the mantra all week. Not that we listened, how could anyone not follow Fred?!

    When asked (in his worldly travels of over 85+ countries) where Fred’s favorite place was, it was always (to whomever asked), ”right here, right now, with you.“ What an inspirational way to embrace life, your friends and live in the moment. Fred was truly exceptional.

    While Fred disclosed to me recently that ALS was definitely on his “Unbucket List, he was truly an ambassador for ALS not only through his fundraising activities but also through the way he continued to live his life post diagnosis. He traveled 7 countries in a wheelchair, paraglided and was the first person to sit-ski the Bugaboos. ALS may have slowed Fred down but it never defined him nor deterred the Noble spirit.

    A few weeks ago, when last I saw Fred, we took a “walk” around the neighborhood without the caregivers. I think we were breaking all sorts of rules but what more would we expect from Fred? In true Fred form, he aborted the sidewalk opting for the street (in other words, off piste), accelerating the wheelchair while I raced to keep up. I couldn’t believe that (if only for a moment) I had underestimated Fred. He may have lost his voice over the course of his illness but I can still imagine that gorgeous laugh reverberating in my heart as he sped down the road ahead of me…on to his next adventure.

  2. I only knew Fred through the support group at Providence. I was diagnosed in 2012. I looked forward to his smile and words of encouragement. I only hope I am able to go out like him. He will be missed.

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