1. It’s never a problem skiing with the Fredinator…………………picking him up, another story. I have learned some new techniques in my skis I thought never possible. I am so very excited to see Fred racing like the wind, he is very inspiring. I know we will use the new equipment and also thank Enabling Tech. for being part of the Noble Adventure. We will do our best to honor your generosity and ski next season full on! We will continue to pump nutrition and good times as that is the best medicine for all!


  2. Words of the Day-
    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior
    teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
    –William Arthur Ward, American author

    You must be our great teacher!

  3. A beautiful woman can do wonders!! haha Great pictures and wonderful that you are back on the mountain Fred! I love that ‘if you weren’t so pissed off you would be frustrated’!! Laughed out loud there 🙂 Keep up the inspiration Fredinator!

  4. hı from cappadocıa
    how are you ? l hope ewerytıng ıs well .
    l hope ypu lıke of the ballons trıp
    take care
    huseyın pılot

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