End of Life


A person becomes eligible to go on Hospice once it is determined one has six months or less to live. My choice is to die here at home.

I am now under 24 hour home care. Hospice is supplemented as an add on to provide me with in home emergency care and keep me comfortable right to the end. I have a big box of medications, morphine for pain and a bunch more for breathing, pooping & peeing and other functions. Acupuncture is my go to medication for comfort and pain relief. I have a myriad of life support equipment so I cannot stray too far from electricity.

Make no mistake I am fine with the end of life. You know I have lived a life filled with many adventures and shared experiences with all of you. The adventure continues and I am approaching it with the same conviction, spirit and passion as I had before ALS.

I am fortunate that I can die in my home in beautiful surroundings built by my daughter and son-in law, They are here 3 days a week to handle my legal affairs, pay my bills, do maintenance on the house and give me love and moral support. I can no longer swallow food and take all nourishment through a feeding tube.

My goal is to make it to April 12, 2014 for Ski to Defeat ALS on Mt. Hood. and finish my documentary.

All in all I am doing pretty well and visitors are always welcome. I can no longer speak and E mails are the only way to communicate.

Come over any time but email first: noblecmh@aol.com

~ Fredinator


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