End of Life


A person becomes eligible to go on Hospice once it is determined one has six months or less to live. My choice is to die here at home.

I am now under 24 hour home care. Hospice is supplemented as an add on to provide me with in home emergency care and keep me comfortable right to the end. I have a big box of medications, morphine for pain and a bunch more for breathing, pooping & peeing and other functions. Acupuncture is my go to medication for comfort and pain relief. I have a myriad of life support equipment so I cannot stray too far from electricity.

Make no mistake I am fine with the end of life. You know I have lived a life filled with many adventures and shared experiences with all of you. The adventure continues and I am approaching it with the same conviction, spirit and passion as I had before ALS.

I am fortunate that I can die in my home in beautiful surroundings built by my daughter and son-in law, They are here 3 days a week to handle my legal affairs, pay my bills, do maintenance on the house and give me love and moral support. I can no longer swallow food and take all nourishment through a feeding tube.

My goal is to make it to April 12, 2014 for Ski to Defeat ALS on Mt. Hood. and finish my documentary.

All in all I am doing pretty well and visitors are always welcome. I can no longer speak and E mails are the only way to communicate.

Come over any time but email first: noblecmh@aol.com

~ Fredinator


  1. Dear Fred, I remember you connected with Gorge Publications (name?) and with articles that mutual friend and best man at my & Bill Kline’s wedding (30 years ago! Oh my!) John Hayden wrote with humor and panache! You were a true gorge pioneer and leave a legacy of many athlete’s enjoyment of gorge sites that have seen tremendous improvements: Swell City, the Hatchery (still free), Avery, Doug’s beach, all the way to Maryhill…I’m sure you remember them all with great fondness and joy! There are many who have passed before you, like Charley LaVenture, and that makes us all feel our mortality…
    As a former Hospice RN for 3 years I still describe my time doing that as the most honorable nursing work I have ever done! We all had a really good time! I will be encouraged that the Ski to Defeat ALS event on Mt Hood will be yet another lasting legacy to a wonderful man!

  2. Hi Fred. You have been on my mind a lot. I am very happy to hear from you. So sorry you have to go through this, but you are an inspiration to many people, even now.
    I think back on all the good times we’ve had over the years, windsurfing and heliskiing. You taught me so much, and I will always remember you with true fondness and respect. Remember the time we first met at Rowena and you told me I was doing it all wrong?! Remember the time I had your Gorge Animal at Rufus and I didn’t want to give it back?! All the good talks we’ve had over after-sailing dinners! Much more!
    I don’t know what else to say, except I hope your care givers can help you be comfortable. Give my best wishes and appreciation to Julie and Greg.
    Love you! Barb

  3. Phil Allmendinger, MD

    Hi Fred……this a difficult way to leave this life of excitement and accomplishment. I can offer you only peace and comfort; you certainly have earned both.
    6 years of heliskiing thanks to your encouragement. I wish we had taken you up on the offer to windsurf; I am still able to make only one tack on the damn thing!
    Fred, keep your optimism; it was and is contagious. We all should be so lucky to have a view of life such as yours.
    we are grateful and proud to know you.

    Phil, Todd, Scott, Craig Allmendinger

  4. Hi Fred,
    Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you from Colorado. We continue to be so awed and inspired by your strength and courage. We speak of you lots with smiles on our faces. Elizabeth was so touched when she received the Oregon shirt from you. In March we will be skiing with CMH at the Bugaboos as a family. We will cheer and toast to you with fond memories of taking our very first run at CMH with you in our group. You let us know early on that you didn’t always follow the rules! We still laugh about that.
    Our hope is to attend the ALS Mt Hood fundraiser as a family in April and to see you there.
    Cheers to you from the bottom of our hearts.
    All our love,
    Jennifer. John, Elizabeth and Christopher Peterson

  5. Fred sorry to hear your news you are tough. My sister Cathy Curths who you met went on hospice in May and passed away yesterday. I will ski to defeat ALS again tbis year. Peace AD

  6. Alan. Looking fowrad to seeing you in April. The suffering is over for Cathy I hope it was peacfull exit. We will continue to ease the suffering of others who follow us and someday find a cure.


  7. Fredinator – just stopping in to say I love ya. Will stop by.

    Guess what? I’m pregnant! Due in May with a little girl.

    I will be 8 months pregnant when the Ski to Defeat ALS event takes place, but I just shot an email out to the Travel Oregon team to see if we can organize a team again this year. I can always hang at the lodge and coordinate base camp if my belly is too big to sit on the lift. But I will be skiing all season up until I can’t.

    ~ KDahl

  8. yes I know about the PG Aubrey was about 8 months into it as well. Yes drop by when you can. Let’s get a travel ORegon team going.

  9. Hi Fred,
    You have been on my mind alot more lately and I am so looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. I’ve said it before but I will say it again, those days skiing with you in Heather and Jack’s Woods are my top favorite ski days at Meadows. I will always remember helping you plant your Meadow grass in the back yard and you ski poles for plant supports. You are such an inspiration to me, I am humbled by your compassion for others. Love ya,

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