Fred Health Update


Hi Everyone,
Fred asked me to let you know that he’s been admitted to Portland’s VA Hospital because he was having lung issues. He is stabilized now, however he is refusing to fully recover until you ski-bum friends join his fundraising team for Ski to Defeat ALS on Mt. Hood in April. I swear it’s true! Here’s the link to stay in touch about the event: I’ll write again as soon as there’s more news. Send Fred good vibes, and be sure to pledge to join his team!
~ Melissa Tatge

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  1. Update from Julie & Gary: Just got back from the VA Hospital and Fred looks like shit! He is very sick and needs your inspiration to help give him energy to pull through. Please pass this to all you know and send wishes his way. I am very serious with what I say. He almost didn’t make it through last night. I will keep you all informed the best I can through Melissa and his blog. We will be seeing him tomorrow to deliver more Ski To Defeat business cards as he ran out of the pile he brought to the ER. He is a salesman till the end! LOL Gotta love the Noble Man.

  2. Feel better soon, Fred. You’re in my prayers

  3. Wade Peterson and Stephanie Sorenson

    Wade and I have you in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Hey, Fred, I just came out to visit your website and am sorry to see you are struggling. The latest news is several days old, so I hope you are feeling better by now. My thoughts are with you, friend.

  5. What is the up to date news on Fred please?

  6. Rene Gentry Smith

    Hey, Fred, glad to see you survived your difficult night, and that you are out continuing to enjoy life to its fullest possible extent. You GO! Fondly, Rene

  7. Hi Fred. Thinking of you lots. Big hugs from snowy Alberta. xx Sue

  8. I was at the Ski and Snowboard show today in downtown Seattle and heard a voice call my name……. As I turned around I noticed it was Fred Noble…… I can only say, I have had a very difficult summer, almost dying from MRSA, BUT I won’t complain anymore after seeing Fred and his ongoing suffering with ALS……Oh my Fred, you are so inspiring. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and remember the many great times we have had …. I plan to attend the April 13th event at Meadows…… Hope to see you then……

    Freds request is that we all strive to support fundraising for the ALS FOUNDATION…..

  9. Hey Fred….remember when we decided you were the “quarterback” from Heaven Can Wait…….you are so in my prayers and thoughts……are you home now?

  10. Hey Fred….remember when we decided you were the “quarterback” from Heaven Can Wait…….you are so in my prayers and thoughts……are you home now? Aka Wheels

  11. Hi Freddy
    We think muchli of you! Our thoughs are with you! We wish you better nights! Keep enjoying every day. The father of my mam (my granpa) always sayed: I hope when it’s time for me to die, I hope it will be at night, becouse like that, I still have time to learn something during the day….. Isn’t that great!!
    You will always be in our heart
    love you Silvie and Bruno from Switzerland

  12. Kathy Wheels Kennedy

    Stayin on the western side of the mountains until the mountain goddess lets me pass….just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers Fred……Wheels

  13. Hey Fred….you long lost friend! Holy Shit! I am reading your blog and remembering all those times in the gorge and Aruba! that you toured us around to the great spots…….and also realize, for the first time tonite, that you are dealing with a mighty challenge and am sending you a tremendous holding and the powerful, simple presence of love. I don’t know where you are in your experience right now but I know (as much as a person can who doesn’t have it….which isn’t much) a little about ALS as I am a hospice physician now and work with this challenge every month…..I am with you in spirit, man, and want to know what is happening with you now if that is possible. Lots of prayer and love to you, Fred Noble…… Shaun Sullivan (Bellingham, Washington)

  14. Dennis Adair was doing respite care for Fred last Friday. Dennis asked me to come by Fred’s house and see Fred. Fred is in a wheelchair but was happy to see me. He needs help with his daily life. Fred showed me around the house and was very proud of all the work Julie had done. Fred wants everyone to come to the Ski to defeat ALS on Mount Hood. How can you refuse. Good to see you Fred.
    Joe Nolan

  15. Kathy Wheels Kennedy

    Hope the ski event went well…..hope to get over to see you soon….wheels

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