Fredinator at Portland 2012 Ski Show


Movie All Is Lost (2013)

The Fredinator – Portland Ski Show from Holmes & Johnson productions on Vimeo.


  1. Fred, I use that coffee mug every day. You are on my mind. Way to keep your skis together, looking good. Bill Simon

  2. Freddy, way to keep your skis together. Use the coffee mug every day. Thinking of you. Hang in there. Bill Simon

  3. Hello Fred,
    So wonderful to chat with you today and I’m so touched to hear your voice and such a wonderful chat “once your voice warmed up” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh my goodness I cannot believe the Portland Show with your skiing and of course laughter and I feel your excitement too.
    I cannot begin to say how your positive, spirit and attitude is such an incredible inspiration to all of us. You never cease to amaze me on how you continually manage to reinvent solutions to obstacles, and there are no mountains that you cannot move Fred! We have known each other for a very long time and during this time all I can say is there is only one Fred in this world like you and you’e truly one of a kind and a good example, inspiring example of how positive thinking creates wealth beyond any materialism this world has to offer. Tomorrow is not promised for any of us and I understand the bad and very bad days are challenging; but you seem to be able to continually grasp life with your brilliant humour and I cannot help but think of how much this has rubbled off on so many people whether the face their own personal challenges or not; but a good reminder for all of us that we don not have to take life so seriously. The black, white, green or red humour as we have laughed about in the past is paving your own golden road when adversity confronts you.
    You are creating your own legacy but also a legacy that has had such a profound effect on so many of us that as my good friend said to me “Trust In Life”. That’s what you have done too Fred and keep your spirit high and keep soaring & may you feel the sunshine warm your soul in which even a frosty winter’s day cannot penetrate your warm, vibrant and radiant spirit you possess Fred.

    Sending Big Hugs & Love to “The Fredinator”

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