Fred’s 2012 adventures: A brief recap


“If I have to be confined to a wheelchair and hooked up to life-saving equipment you may as well shoot me!” — Fred Noble, 2007focuz

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  1. Can we assume (hope) from these pics that Fred is hanging in there with reasonable quality of life?

  2. Hey Fred,
    You are still outdoing me by a long shot. You are such an inspiration to me and I think of you often when I am wanting to give up or quit something. You have been a good friend and I will always treasure those days in Heather Canyon skiing the trees. Those were the days I could not keep up with you and that is still the case! Wishing you peace and love these days! Blessings to you Fredinator.

  3. Thanks Carla,

    Those memories are to be cherished, I have had a million of them throughout the years. Now that I have limitations I only have to accomplish four things everyday.

    1. Get out of bed
    2. Try not to die
    3. Be awesome
    4. Go back to bed

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