Fred’s Monuments


From Eric Sanford on 12/9/13…

I went and had a visit with my old buddy Fred last week.

“You know,” he said, “this guy wanted to name something in the Gorge for me.  You know, put up a monument or something.  I told him I didn’t want no stinking monument!  But he went ahead anyway and contacted the State to find out what he would need to do to put up a Fred Noble monument somewhere.”

“Well,” he was told, “the first thing you need is for the guy to be dead.”

“Dead???  Why does he have to be dead?”

“You can’t put up a monument or name anything in the State after someone who is alive,” he was told.

“So he came back to me and said, ‘Well Fred, I guess you get your wish.  I can’t put up a monument until you’re dead.’ ”

Now personally I don’t think this is very fair. Indeed, I believe it is downright prejudice against living people – certainly one of the largest segments of our population.  [Are you politicians paying attention???!!]

So Debbie and I decided that we needed not one, but LOTS of Fred Noble monuments around the Gorge.  The State.  The country.  The world!

So attached are just a FEW of the millions of Fred Noble monuments, plaques, shrines, markers and memorials we have been placing THROUGHOUT THE WORLD!  (It’s a PDF with many photos, not just one.)

It’s the least we could do.  The very least….

~ Cap’n & Ms. Phunn

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  1. Eric….. It is just so fitting to see so many of Fred’s fun posters.
    Goes without saying ….. Hi is the monument we all need to admire and cherish.
    One small prayer will keep the smile on Fred’s face forever.

  2. Great pictures and fun idea……I vote we keep this going and get it spread to New Zealand…..hey Newt….how about taking this on?!!!!!!

  3. Well you forgot the best one of all which is the toilet at Viento which was named after Fred THE NOBLE HOUSE

  4. Now THAT is a great slideshow giving a hint of Fred’s many adventures – but Stan is right, the Noble House at Viento should be included!

    You’ve been my hero for many years, since before our combined ages totaled 100. Now we’re getting up too high to count any more!

    Best wishes and best memories, Fred!

  5. I will try and make some posters for Fred in NZ…just thinking about him today..First met Fred on the slopes of Coronet ski field in 1969 and had many great times since.

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