Ski Outriggers from Enabling Technologies


Fred SkiingMt Hood Meadows has been kind enough to loan me adaptive equipment in order to get me out on the mountain. It certainly has been a joyful experience… RACING LIKE THE WIND! (at three miles an hour). The first couple of days were very painful and if I were not pissed off,  I would have been frustrated.Декоративный бетон. Технологии укладки

It’s situations like this that you learn to accept your plight and move on with a sense of humor and grim determination.  Of course none of this would be possible without the love and support of  family and friends, who have  lifted me to heights that I never thought possible.

Julie, Gary, Patrick Quigley and Sara Sasse have been with me to clean up the carnage of my out of control falls —  literally pick up what looks like a rag doll — get my feet into the bindings, and send me on my way.

It appears that I have outgrown the loaner equipment from Meadows. I think the high end speed is about 35 mph, after that it’s “try not to die.”

Just got off the phone with Chris Witte from Enabling Technologies.  They will be sending me a pair of high end outriggers to us in a photo shoot for the ALS Association. My friends and I thank them for their kind offer.

It would be nice if this disease would progress slow enough that I could be using this equipment next winter. On the other hand, I hope to contribute feedback to Enabling Technologies and perhaps be of help to other skiers who have early stages of ALS.

The Fredinator

“Give me a pair of skis, fresh air and a beautiful woman, and you can keep the skis and the fresh air.”


  1. It’s never a problem skiing with the Fredinator…………………picking him up, another story. I have learned some new techniques in my skis I thought never possible. I am so very excited to see Fred racing like the wind, he is very inspiring. I know we will use the new equipment and also thank Enabling Tech. for being part of the Noble Adventure. We will do our best to honor your generosity and ski next season full on! We will continue to pump nutrition and good times as that is the best medicine for all!


  2. Words of the Day-
    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior
    teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
    –William Arthur Ward, American author

    You must be our great teacher!

  3. A beautiful woman can do wonders!! haha Great pictures and wonderful that you are back on the mountain Fred! I love that ‘if you weren’t so pissed off you would be frustrated’!! Laughed out loud there 🙂 Keep up the inspiration Fredinator!

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    l hope ypu lıke of the ballons trıp
    take care
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