The Best Way to Communicate with Me


Hi Everyone,

I know Facebook and texting is the way most people correspond these days, but I am 76 years old and my cell phone has numbers on it.  If I punch the right numbers it rings and someone on the other end answers. If my phone rings I answer (pretty simple).

I don’t know how to do Facebook and trying to get through all the useless information takes up what little time I have left.  From now on, I would appreciate it if you have any messages  for me that you email me to I guess if you want the world to know your business you can post on my Facebook page as well.


From Fred in the hospital


I’m in the hospital, hope to get out soon. If you haven’t signed up for the ski to defeat yet please do so because this will give me a focus to get out of the hospital much sooner so I can join you for this epic event.sports74.ruWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Here’s where to sign up for my team, or to donate if you can’t make the event:



I have my “really bad days” and I have my “bad days.” So the “bad days” are better than the “really bad days.”polvam

I used to have good days but that was in the old days so I am just taking it a day at a time and maybe someday they will find a cure for those that follow me, as my days are numbered, but until that day comes, I will seize the day.

So make every day count

— The Fredinator

June 7 Prognosis


I had my medical evaluation yesterday and the deterioration is slow. I have lost strength in my legs but all other body functions are normal and my upper body is strong and above average. It is advised that I do not drive anymore and I am working on getting a special van with hand controls and an electric wheel chair

June 12 will be 6 months since the diagnosis and it looks as though I will make it past that milestone. My next evaluation is in 3 months and the goal is to maintain weight (can you say Haagen Das ice cream ?)

I have no idea on what to do to slow down the deterioration but I am doing acupuncture for energy and centering of my chi as well as chiropractic and massage therapy for general well being.

I will be entering clinical trails starting in July unfortunately there is a 50% chance that I will be taking a placebo instead of the real thing. There is no way of getting around that issue.

I am currently partnering with the ALS Association in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Although I am limited it my ability to move around, it is not stopping me from planning on my next adventure to Central America and countries # 82-83-84-& 85.