Thank you for the incredible Birthday surprise and your heartfelt gift of love and support.

Thanks to Jake’s Restaurant for giving us space on a busy Saturday night.

To my Son In Law Gary and Daughter Julie, my love and deepest appreciation for all you have done for me now and well into the future.

74 candles!

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  1. Fred,
    It was so wonderful to share your birthday with you and 50 of your closest friends! As always, you are a generous host and a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you for making Portland my second home.

  2. This was such a FUN and ENJOYABLE evening! 🙂

  3. I just published the photos that Susan and I took at Fred,s party at Jakes. They are large files and will take a few minutes to load. is the link.
    Great party!!

  4. So glad I could be there to surprise you for your surprise birthday party!!! And then to see you skiing a few days later having a hard time but with the best attitude ever —- amazingly inspiring Fred!

  5. Always remember Fred: Life is short. So am I.

  6. A big “thank you” for everyone keeping this a surprise and making it the best birthday ever. We will no doubt have some more fun with the “Fredinator” as time goes on. Someone needs to make an action figure for this guy. Don’t forget the garden party! Keep them stories coming as well. Send them to our email
    We will be skiing Meadows on Tuesday the 26th, April. Hope to see you there!

  7. Dear Fred
    Sunday 17th April, that was my last day in Costa Rica this time. Happy Birthday a little late…. But still from the bottom of my heart!
    It is and was always incredible your life. I admired you all the time, the way you allways managed to get somewhere new (without a lot of money). The way we met each other was leading my life. Because of you I have my studio and it is now (this year exactly my 20st anniversary from my work. You started it in Costa Rica at Normans Place. I made you guy’s food reflexology and you were so pleased that you all (and specially yourself) told me I should do this as a professional. After you called me, and asked me whether I also could do other massages (for ex. the back) I went to school and in spring time (I think it was 91 ??) you invited me to go to Isla Margarita as a massage therapist for your group of 15 people. That’s where I really started my business as a massage therapist…..because of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! T h a n k y o u !!! I learned at school a different praxis therapy and you trained me personally the way the group wanted me, how to massage them. We had such a wonderful time, went out to eat in great places for almost no money. Danced at the beach our ass off…… just great great fun !!!!Without you I would never had this great opportunity of starting my business like a reket. Almost 9 years I continued my big holiday in Margarita and had my little shack (place) to make massages outside, closed to the beach…… I stayed every year at least 5 to 6 weeks. Surfed during the day with your old „Animal“ and at night I made up to 4 massages and could survive for lodging and eating. (A little copy of Fred Noble…..but only a little!!!) It was also great when you came to Switzerland and when I was at your house in Oregon. When we went to mount Chaster (do not know how to spell that name) the whole time I remember with you, was a lot of laughing and a lot of fun!! You are for me a very special friend I will never ever forget!!! Maybe you’ll find someone who could correct my bad English writing, and so you would have already a story from a Swiss girl to put in your Blog!
    Love Silvie Kleiner from Switzerland

  8. Erica San,

    Life is short but if you jam pack everything you can into it, it will be long enough

    The Fredinator

  9. Gene "Hat" Hatfield

    Just today (Apr 25, 2011) got your new blog from SVSC. Tried to summit a comment, but got nowhere, so am writing this in word so I go not loose it like the last try. The state has so damn much sercuity on this computer it is not funny. Took almost 8 minutes to load Stan’s pictures of your 74th. A late Happy Birthday to you.
    Have – I have – noticed that all the young girls are now in their 50’s or 60’s. Even are kids are in their 40’s. Enough of that.

    Old friend, we go back a ways. Seeing Stan’s photos brought back a lot of old memories. Friends, skiing & the parties you had around Halloween. Good times.

    Say Hello to Stan & Mike for me. Have forgotten what I wrote only an hour or so ago before this thing ate them. Short term memory is out to lunch.
    Am supposed to be getting my own band width (whatever that is). I have bitched about this new sercity system so much. Seems the employees were using their computers for personal business. Can you believe that? They said in two weeks, Hell it’s only been three. I ramble.
    You have the right attitude for this stage of life. One day at a time & enjoy each one as best we can. Learn something new each day. We may never use it, but we knew about it.
    Keep the good attitude & bitch a lot. That way people know you are you. At least that’s my attitude. Will try to follow your blog. Now all I have to do is figure out RSS. Not a clue, but have a young staff member that will. Getting good at asking.
    One other thing while I am thinking about it. If you are into 3D drawing. Download Sketchup (FREE) price is right. I get hours of enjoyment out of it. Have gotten into scale modeling. HO scale. 1/87.1. Designs on Sketchup then build. Must be crazy. As the eyes get worse, I start working with smaller things. Note the 18 font on this, so I can see it.
    Have glue drying, so will close.
    Enjoy the day

  10. Gene "Hat" Hatfield

    Now I see what happened. I put my mailing address (postal) in “Mail” box and email in Website. Wrong. Not as smart as the younger ones. Hate to say this, but this is mis leading to old folks. Hane a good one old friend.

  11. Carol Nicholson

    Hello and Happy Belated Birthday Fred~

    Sounds like your celebration was fantastic. I wish I could have been there.

    It was great talking with you yesterday. Your continued positive mind and beautiful heart continue to inspire me.

    I spoke with my friend, Mike Miltner owner of Tahoe White Water and creator of adaptive ski equipment and he is happy to talk to you about specially designed ski that might make your more comfortable. I will forward you his telephone number for more information.

    Until then, you remain in my prayers for continued blessings and good health.

    Happy Spring,


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