New Beginnings


My whole life has been a long list of extreme adventures from early child hood attempting to parachute with an umbrella from the roof of my house or swing from my cherry tree on a rope too long to clear the ground. These early failures taught me what not to do and to make the necessary adjustments toward success.

Subsequently jumping off the roof of my house with a bed sheet was not one of my brilliant adjustments.

I never thought I would make It this far, as a matter of fact I never thought I would see my 40th, 50thor 60th birthday. After that I set a goal to at least make it to 70 so that I could have a year long gigantic life celebration with all my friends. Today at 74 I am taking the ultimate adventure of dealing with ALS.

Today my biggest challenge, but no less meaningful is to merely get my shoes and leg braces on, get to the toilet, have that first cup of coffee and navigate through each day doing things I enjoy.

Granted, it’s no longer ski bumming around the world, paragliding over the Sacred Valley in Peru, windsurfing in Brazil, Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, running class 5 rivers in Costa Rica, or rock climbing and heli-skiing 37 years at my second home with Canadian Mountain Holidays.

I’ve done everything A & Z from Ascending mountains to Zipping zip lines. One could not ask for a better life and I am truly blessed to have so many friends who are all the pieces of thread that weave the colorful fabric of my life.

Don’t save the good china and silver for special occasions, use it now. Don’t wait to win the lottery to accomplish your dreams and aspirations, do it now. Make every day special.

Life is a lottery and we all win when we aspire to inspire.


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