New Beginnings


My whole life has been a long list of extreme adventures from early child hood attempting to parachute with an umbrella from the roof of my house or swing from my cherry tree on a rope too long to clear the ground. These early failures taught me what not to do and to make the necessary adjustments toward success.

Subsequently jumping off the roof of my house with a bed sheet was not one of my brilliant adjustments.

I never thought I would make It this far, as a matter of fact I never thought I would see my 40th, 50thor 60th birthday. After that I set a goal to at least make it to 70 so that I could have a year long gigantic life celebration with all my friends. Today at 74 I am taking the ultimate adventure of dealing with ALS.

Today my biggest challenge, but no less meaningful is to merely get my shoes and leg braces on, get to the toilet, have that first cup of coffee and navigate through each day doing things I enjoy.

Granted, it’s no longer ski bumming around the world, paragliding over the Sacred Valley in Peru, windsurfing in Brazil, Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, running class 5 rivers in Costa Rica, or rock climbing and heli-skiing 37 years at my second home with Canadian Mountain Holidays.

I’ve done everything A & Z from Ascending mountains to Zipping zip lines. One could not ask for a better life and I am truly blessed to have so many friends who are all the pieces of thread that weave the colorful fabric of my life.

Don’t save the good china and silver for special occasions, use it now. Don’t wait to win the lottery to accomplish your dreams and aspirations, do it now. Make every day special.

Life is a lottery and we all win when we aspire to inspire.


  1. Fredinator – you inspire me! Aubrey

  2. Hi Fred;
    you are truly an inspiration to me and all of us!
    love Barb

  3. Uncle Fred,

    Thank you for sharing your life and inspriing others with your words and grace.

    Love Denise



  5. Fred great blog and now you have brought us all together to help and be with you in this new adventure- you never sieze to amaze me!

  6. I’ve got my eye on you Fred xox

  7. Fred – it is so great to have this window into your life. Thanks for setting this up and giving us this opportunity to be a part of this new journey. I look forward to reading along and gleaning new bits of inspiration. Thanks for making a difference, Fred.

  8. Hi Fredo!
    Great blog, I’ll read it when I can’t get enough of you at work. 🙂
    Becky Champion

  9. Fred – looking forward to sharing your next adventures with you through this blog. Your spirit is an inspiration to all of us. Dave

  10. Freddie, you are a party. Love you.

  11. Dear Fred

    Your are an amazing man. You are an inspiration and you show us how life should be lived. I have sent you web and blog details onto some of the Aussies you have skied with. Stay happy and I look forward to following the next amazing chapter in your incredible life.

    Cheers from down under

  12. We had a blast today taking Fred up to the mountain. We cracked our asses up when he brought out his donut glove when we stopped for a coffee and donut at Joe’s snack shack. I got in the van with his goodies and he had on this clear food handlers glove. I said what is that for? He replied ” it’s my donut glove” and we started laughing from that point on for the next ten minutes. Good times are still ahead! Thanks for another great day Fred!

  13. Thanks for a great blog and a fantastic reminder to not save life for later!

  14. Fred,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you at the ALS Association board meeting. You said many inspiring things, but my favorite was “I’m totally satisfied with the life I’ve lived and have done almost everything I’ve wanted to do.” So much for so many to learn from just that one statement. Thank you. Enjoy this day. Trina, Board President

  15. Patrick Quigley

    I want to tell ya, I was amazed at how quickly you came to speed with the outriggers this last weekend. Wait a minute, I shouldn’t be surprised. The Fredinator, in Fred Noble style, always charging forward without hesitation, despite any obstacles. I must admit, most of the time I could not keep up. Was a blast being your photographer skiing alongside (when I could keep the speed up) and seeing that HUGE grin and hearing the shouts of joy. Coo Coo!!

    Look forward to next film session, hopefully with the new, longer outrigger skis. I’m going to really need to practice since that means you’ll be going even faster!!

    BEEP! (another Fredism)

  16. Shelley & Martin

    Hi Fred,

    What a life you have lived – we have never skied with anyone that showed so much enthusiasm and pushed the limits as much as you.
    The adventure continues and we will support you and follow your journey.
    Thank you for the reminder to enjoy each day!

    Hugs from Austria
    Shelley & Martin

  17. Fred,
    Your presence in my life has been such an inspiration. I will always remember those times in Heather as well as the Fleur de Lawn! Go fred!

  18. Words of the Day-

    “Do all the good you can,
    By all the means you can,
    In all the ways you can,
    In all the places you can,
    At all the times you can,
    To all the people you can,
    As long as ever you can.”

    -John Wesley

  19. Rene Gentry Smith

    Hey Fred, thanks for letting me come see you, after all these years. I loved seeing the beautiful house redesign by your daughter and the lovely garden where you like to work. I enjoyed looking at your photo album and reading some of the stories your friends and family have so beautifuly taken the time to write. You’re a beautiful and complex man, Fredinator! I hope you are enjoying your trip inTurkey. Look forward to hearing about it in your blog! Cheers.

  20. Hi Fred! It was so nice meeting you on the plane ride to Seattle. I really enjoyed your wonderful slide show of Turkey. It made me want to go visit there! But I’m so glad that I got to hear your story and I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiring person!

  21. Fred…you have been an inspiration to me from my teenage years when I would see you come flying thru the treees at Meadows with your fluorescent ski outfit. Your are still fluroescent and still an inspiration.

  22. Hi Jim,

    Nice to hear from you. It hs been a great ride for me and validation that in spite of all my screwups and mistakes I finally got it right.
    You can keep up with me on my Blog. Drop by anytime love to see you.


  23. Elizabeth Jesch

    Great photos, Fred. And I really enjoyed catching up with you today via phone. It’s just fantastic that you have built this world wide circle of friends that love and support you so truthfully. Hope to see you in July.

  24. Hey Fred~
    It was nice meeting you yesterday here at Advance Camera. I checked out your website and am really impressed with what you are doing and the pictures taken. We will of course, keep you posted on your Canon equipment and we’ll call when it’s completed and ready to be picked up.

    I will book mark your blog, and look forward to following your travels.


  25. Thanks Jordan,
    It was great to meet you as well and as you can see I am very busy trying to get my affairs in order while continuing to live life to the fullest. I will need to get to your website this weekend and learn more about photography. Next stop Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize. I will be sending you an invite to my annual BBQ July 16. A very eclectic group of individuals from all walks of life. You will come a way with much more than a belly full of meat and beer.


  26. Simply put, Fred is a mentor to all that want a path to better life. God knows his life is inspiring to all that he meets. Though I cherish every trip, I wish I was skiing with him since the 70’s.


  27. Hi Fred,

    You are an inspiration for sure! I’m on a slightly different path – recurrent ovarian cancer – but with the same endpoint. Likewise have crammed in as much as possible during my life. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on doing so.
    (dream like you’ll live forever, live like you’ll die today, die with your tango shoes on – or your riding boots – or whatever!)

  28. Fred, I was alarmed to learn that you of all people had contacted ALS. However, after reading looking through your website and blog it is apparent that even though you may have slowed down physically, you are not any slower mentally. As we get older so many treat aging and the unfortunate things that go with it as a curse. You have chosen the opposite approach and you are the better person for that. My wife lost her favorite uncle to ALS so thank you for all you are doing to help raise money and increase awareness of this disease. I will be adding a short story from the Bugagoos that you may not remember but I sure do.

    Will drop by to see you soon.

    Tom Desmond

  29. Fred, Below is what I wrote.

    Fred’s lost and found camera gear:

    About 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to be with a group of fellow Fred Noble ski buddies in the Bugaboos. Everybody knows that Fred would not venture forth into the wilderness without a bag full of camera gear. This particular afternoon we were skiing close to the lodge in Powder Pig Bowl because a big winter storm was on the horizon. As the late afternoon approached our guide, an Austrian fellow whose name escapes me, announced that the next run was our last one. Powder Pig Bowl is all short runs and so we ripped down to the landing area less than 5 minutes. The snow was pretty tracked up and skiers were heading into the trees to find fresh tracks.

    As we were assembling to get into the helicopter to head back to the lodge, somebody mentioned to Fred that his backpack was wide open. It appeared the zipper had come apart. All of his camera stuff, a 35mm camera, a big telephoto and a tri-pod were missing. Needless to say he was upset. The guide announced that we would make one more run to look but that because the storm was arriving we had to be fast.

    As I approached the bottom of the run I noticed some lone tracks heading off from the open area into the trees. I followed them and immediately saw all the camera equipment in the snow. A plan hatched in my head as I put the equipment into my backpack. When we assembled to go to the lodge I said nothing. After we returned to the lodge I told the guide about my find and he thought it would be fun to play a trick on Fred, who was still obviously very upset.

    After dinner the guide stood up to make some comments. As part of the comments he announced that he wished to make an award to Fred because he was such a wonderful companion and great advocate for CMH and his friends. Out of a bag came the camera equipment. Fred doesn’t cry very often but he was close to tears at that moment. Needless to say Fred treated the whole dining room to bottles of good champagne, which was much cheaper for him than reinvesting in a completely new camera outfit.

    How fortunate it was that I saw the lone set of tracks veering off into the trees and had the intuition to follow “the road less traveled”.

    Tom Desmond

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