The Best Way to Communicate with Me


Hi Everyone,

I know Facebook and texting is the way most people correspond these days, but I am 76 years old and my cell phone has numbers on it.  If I punch the right numbers it rings and someone on the other end answers. If my phone rings I answer (pretty simple).

I don’t know how to do Facebook and trying to get through all the useless information takes up what little time I have left.  From now on, I would appreciate it if you have any messages  for me that you email me to I guess if you want the world to know your business you can post on my Facebook page as well.


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  1. Dear Fred.

    I remember you so well when you were in high school and you and Larry and ? were avid bowlers. I recall your dad was a chef. I also remember when, during a storm, for some reason there was no natural gas, and you stayed with us for a day or two.

    I married an Idaho rancher and have lived in Idaho essentially all my adult life. On a matter of more importance, I am so glad you have lived such an exciting and meaningful life. I am also sad that it will be taken by LS. Please know that I remember you fondly (as does Judy, who sent me your web site). Larry doesn’t “do” emails, but his wife Jan does. I am sure Judy has sent her your information.

    With fond memories and regards, Mercedes (Merdie) Lolley McCarter

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