Descending Everest


I do a lot of reading and, for me, the most compelling stories are the ones about climbing on Mt.Everest. Climbing Everest doesn’t make much sense, it is extremely difficult, it involves a lot of money, it takes its toll on relationships, the failure rate is extremely high, and if you do reach the summit you still have to descend through the “death zone.”Балконы

The death zone in mountaineering refers to altitudes above a certain point (generally 26,000 ft.) where the amount of oxygen is not enough to sustain human life. Many deaths have occured in the death zone, either directly (loss of vital functions) or indirectly (wrong decisions made under stress or physical weakening leading to accidents).

I have never climbed Everest, but my life has been a constant adventure of extreme undertakings. ALS is my Everest, and the effects of this diseases mirrors life at 26,000 ft.  I have reached the summit and am preparing for the descent

It has been predetermined that I will not make it through the death zone. Do I give up, sit back and accept my fate? Not going to happen! I’ll continue to move on, adapt, and use every fiber of my being to savor each and every day.

Much like climbing Everest there is a spiritual element to it, and a feeling of accomplishment no matter what the outcome. I can truly say “I’m doing it my way!”


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