Final Total Raised in Ski to Defeat ALS


On April 18 The Ski to Defeat ALS event’s totals stood at $167,000,  In the ensuing days that amount quickly rose to $169,

Not one to settle for exceeding our goal of 150,000 by $19,000 we discovered that we were close to $170,000 and with only 8 days left we decided to give away coffee mugs for a $20 donation or more.mens club 24

$170,000 went over the top and with a $1000.00 commitment from my friends at Cascade Paragliding Club we could easily reach 171,000. Meanwhile, the mug campaign kept rolling along and it looked like $172,000 would be attainable If I donated a little over $400. This was not necessary and on the last day more donations came in and the final total is $172,237.

My sincere thank you to all participants, donors, volunteers, sponsors and particularly the ALS Association’s Aubrey McCauley, Meagan Lancaster and Anna Holmes who worked long hours late into the evenings to put on another epic event.

Mark your calendar for April 12, 2014 and lets get started on ways to exceed this years record.

~ The Fredinator


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