Ride to Defeat ALS — July 14, 2012



As I crossed the start line the adrenaline was pumping until I turned the corner and was faced with “the hill from hell” Other riders were passing me like I was standing still, actually I was sitting still. I have seen turtles move faster than me.

At 4/10th of a mile I thought I was in over my head and my goal of 5 miles was merely an illusion of lofty ambitions. I knew I had enough in me to do one mile. At this point one mile was going to be OK and all those who pledged $1.00 per mile would understand you only fail when you do not make an attempt.

As I moved on with each painful turn of the crank I felt real close to the that one mile marker. I yelled out to Theresa in the chase van to give me an update. ” 5/10th of a mile” she replied, I thought, “ARE YOU SERIOUS !!!! ” Luckily the next 3/10th was all down hill and gave me enough impetus to get to that first mile.

Still early in the day I decided to try just one more mile, subsequently metamorphosing into more “just one more mile” I was beginning to feel the pain and realized that I would be sorry in the morning but it cannot get any worse so I might as well push on. We finally reached 8 miles and I was ready to try “one more mile” Andrea, our photographer said it was already past noon and we needed to get back to Mt. Angel.Totally spent, hurting and with nothing to prove to myself I was in no position to protest.

When I got home that night I was reticent to go to bed knowing that I would be incredibly sore in the morning. For those of you who have run a marathon you know what I am talking about.

The good news is that I am not too bad and I feel incredibly alive.

Thanks to the ALS Association for putting on this event in order to provide wonderful support for PALS and their families.

To all my friends, thanks so very much for your continued support.

The Fredinator


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