Fred in Hospital


Dear Friends of Fredinator,

Fred had another heli-adventure this weekend as he was traveling to Reno to accept an award celebrating his fundraising efforts for ALS (we think…he was very quiet about the details. Unfortunately, it was not the good kind. This helicopter took him to Renown Hospital in Reno NV because of a bout of pneumonia and a fever of 104.

Tonight he is sedated, on a respirator, as the medical team works to get his fever down and allow the antibiotics to do their work. Friends, Fred is using all his might to overcome adversity tonight. He has been very modest about the difficulties he faces every day, all day because if this terrible disease, but the truth is that this time of his life is very painful and frustrating. Which makes his amazing positive attitude all the more remarkable.

While Fred is not a praying man, I know he’d appreciate it if you all took him into your hearts tonight. He needs as much positive energy as we can send him. We don’t know what to expect for his recovery in the next few days, but we do know he is “hard to kill,” as he’s fond of saying. In his mind, he’s taking on yet another wild slope, so lets send him some sweet dreams and healing energy.

~ Melissa

13-0609 Fred-Flight


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